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Sheet metal products

Sheet metal products and accessories made of galvanized sheet, aluzinc and carbon steel sheet are an important group of the company's products. These are both finished metal products as well as complete elements of a larger whole, e.g. a cage, machine, decorative detail, etc. or a component or semi-finished product. We produce them according to received drawings or sketches, our projects or oral customer requirements. Recently we use also stainless steel and aluminum. The main product groups in this category include:

- steel, galvanized or aluzinc sheets
- metal pavements signs, stands and galvanized advertising boards
- trays and baths
- decorative metal products
- lanterns and lamps
- galvanized sheet covers and hoods
- metal plates and information signs
- boxes, flower boxes, nesting boxes, pots
- aluminum and steel round cups, bowls, pots
- aluminum products
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